Den Kongelige Danske Ballets Fond stiftet i 1994


New opportunities

Ballet dancers retire at the age of 40. That's why it's essential to secure job possibilities, which allow their talents to shine, at every stage in life.

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The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation is a private and independent foundation, founded in 1996. The purpose of the foundation is to support The Royal Danish Ballet and its dancers – during their careers as dancers and after retirement at the age of 40.

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The key goal of The Royal Ballet Foundation  is to communicate initiatives to a wider audience and open their hearts to ballet.

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The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation constantly works to break boundaries with the elitist art form that ballet is.

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The board

The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation operate independently of the Royal Theatre. The Foundation and the Royal Theatre have common interests of the ballet and thus cooperate on multiple activities.
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The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation works indenpendently, but in collaboration with dancers of The Royal Danish Ballet to promote the art of ballet to a larger audience in Denmark and abroad.

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The Foundation is the originator of a series of ballet related activities to promote ballet in different contexts.


An annual recurring event, where talented musicians, artists and fashion creators of our time in collaboration with the dancers of Royal Danish Ballet create a show beyond belief.


The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation’s purpose is to support the Royal Danish Ballet and its dancers – both as active dancers as well as post retirement at around 40 years of age.

Rehabilitation of wounded warriors

A unique, dynamic center for Wounded Soldiers, wounded in combat or in training, who are given the opportunity to work ‘one on one’ with movement specialists.