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The Royal Danish Ballet Foundation strives to promote ballet as a relevant contempoary art form, at home and abroad, by projects that will help exciting and new audiences – young and old, rich and poor, fans and sceptics – to see ballet as an amazing and inspiring expression of human thought and emotion

The key is to create and communicate initiatives to a wider audience that will  open their hearts to ballet.

Projekt - DWW

DWWP in Jyllandsposten & WSJ

The Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten, wrote an article on the ground-breaking project, Danish Wounded Warriors. The project lends former ballet dancers’ expertise to rehabilitating Danish war veterans with multiple traumatic injuries. The work of the foundation was also reported upon in Wall Street Journal.

The exercises are based on Pilates, a training method that was developed during WW1 by Joseph Pilates, in an effort to rehabilitate injured soldiers. A century later, the unlikely pairing of ballet dancers and war veterans has brought back Pilates to serve its original purpose.

During their careers, the ballet dancers have acquired an extensive knowledge of rehabilitation exercises and body control, which is essential in the war veterans’ recovery process.

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Positions in ELLE

Elle Magazine, Denmark, mentioned five on-going activities from the project, Positions: counting Positions Live, an annual event, The Street Ballet, exclusive photography exhibitions, charity dinners, and The Days of Dance. ‘Positions’ seeks to bring new choreography to center stage, created and performed by dancers of The Royal Danish Ballet.

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